Eluine Cycle

Eluine Cycle is a forum roleplay based on the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. It is set a couple generations after Kushiel’s Mercy, and is active and has plenty of positions left to fill and roles to play! From commoner to royal and everything in between, the possibilities are endless! Something seems to be going on in every corner, from Night’s Doorstep where criminals lurk, to the still missing Queen after a brutal attack on the progressus that left many nobles dead, and the Dauphine who has just broken her engagement with the Cruarch’s heir and the vultures flocking in to pick up the pieces. The entire world is open to play, come and take a look! And be sure to stop in to our Discord channel and say hello and ask any questions!

Platform: phpBB

Features: 18+ Canon: Semi-Canon Character Driven Chat Difficulty: All Levels Format: Free Form LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: None

Genre: Alternate Universe Fantasy Kushiel's Legacy Medieval