Who rates my site?

You do! Admins can create an RPG Rating that best represents what kind of content is permitted in their community, or individual role-players can create a rating to quickly show a preference for levels of content.

What’s wrong with MPAA, ESRB, etc?

Other content rating systems like MPAA or ESRB are primarily used to make recommendations for parents on what would be appropriate for children. RPG Rating does not evaluate appropriateness; instead it generally quantifies the intensity of content types important to role-players.

Do I need to post your button?

No. RPG Rating is not an affiliate program. You are free to use RPG Rating without linking back.

Will you post my button?

Sure! Submit your site to the RPG Rating directory.

What rating is allowed by my host’s terms of service?

Please be sure to consult your web host if you have any questions about what kind of content is permitted. An RPG Rating is not a guarantee that an RPG conforms with terms of service.