Featured RPGs

The Featured RPG will appear on the homepage and at the top of the Directory in increments of two weeks.

Benefits of being featured

  • You can support the web hosting and development costs of this platform!
  • RPG Rating’s homepage and directory get more than 1,500 views per month.

How to feature an RPG

  • RPGs in our directory are eligible to be featured.
  • In exchange for a donation of $3, your RPG will be featured for two weeks. You can queue up for multiple slots in one go.
  • (I’m happy to schedule your slot in advance, if there’s something you’ll be promoting.)
  • Your RPG will be queued to be featured in the next available slot(s).

Donate here and include your email and RPG in the notes. I’ll get back to you with your queue dates via that email.


  • No link backs are ever required.
  • RPG Rating will always be free to use.
  • These donations go to support the costs of hosting this service, including hosting all the images.