Dawn of Olympus

Cronus, Uranus, Hades, Jason & Medea. You’ve heard of all these villains within the Greek Myths all stories are caused by these names, every death, every desutrive drive have been caused by them. But not anymore Dawn of Olympus takes a sharp turn within mythology here is where unique story ideas and plots are created to develop each and every RPC created. It dives down into all the folk lore ever written within the internet and beautifully comes together to create Arks and Quests for everyone to enjoy. This group is not your average Percy Jackson Roleplay, This group is frankly not your average Roleplay in particular. DO NOT LET OUR NAME DEFINE WHAT WE ARE. Dawn of Olympus is for people who are interested in sharp and well written plots. I myself wish to create a community within this group for my members to come together to not only have Role Playing partners but friends all over to come together. This is a fun Role-Playing community where everyone can have a mutual understanding about Role-Playing and just generally have a great time. With our Episodes system, we make it so every RP that we do is documented so it flies into the story easily. This Rp is something I think everyone should try once. We encourage that whenever someone is Role-Playing, that they should record it, and upload it here so everyone can see. This is all about character growth, show everyone how your character is growing by the continuous uploading of your RP logs. Now what are you doing?! Hurry and create your Bio were waiting for you.

Platform: Jcink

Features: 18+ Application: Profile Canon: Non-Canon Character Driven Chat Difficulty: All Levels LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: None

Genre: Mythology