Legends in Exile [Volume 2]

The world is becoming more accustomed to the idea of superheroes. It seems like with the mutant X gene that more are cropping up every day. Some in the most unlikely of places. Nick Fury and many others are trying to assemble teams of the most highly skilled of these heroes to compensate for the slow growing threats from all angles. Every good has an evil, every yin a yang and every superhero must have an arch-nemesis. The super-villains are assembling. Meeting in secret, they’re beginning to join forces to take control from these spectacular beings. Without them, the world is a sitting duck. Choose your sides wisely. It’s anyone’s guess as to the outcome of what might be the most epic battle of all time.

Platform: Jcink Premium

Features: Application: Profile Application: Short Canon: Canon Canon: Non-Canon Canon: Semi-Canon Character Driven Chat Difficulty: All Levels Format: Free Form LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: Low Word Count: None

Genre: Comics Fantasy Magic Multi-Fandom Panfandom Powers Sci-Fi Superheroes Supernatural