Moon Pride

Moon Pride is an alternate universe literate Sailor Moon roleplay based in Crystal Tokyo, in the year 2900. The solar senshi have all traded their powers for royality after 900 years of tranquility, and are finally able to live normal lives without enemy threat… that is, until, children mysteriously begin to go missing, and citizens are suddenly being zapped of their energy. There are rumors of elf-like creatures in the streets, and monsters in the shadows, but there is only so much the Royals can do without their powers. Now, the universe has chosen six new girls to carry on the names and powers of the ones before them, and to be the solar systems’ new defenders in the wake of this new threat. They are the “Chibi Senshi”, the soldiers of the future.

Platform: Proboards

Features: Application: Profile Canon: Canon Canon: Semi-Canon Character Driven Difficulty: All Levels Difficulty: Intermediate LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: None

Genre: Sailor Moon