In this world, there are things that often defy explanation.

There is no rhyme or reason, no scientific backing, as to why New Ilium exists the way it does. Somewhere within the scope of the Bermuda Triangle, this archipelagic paradise exists, blessed by whatever gods, goddesses, or cosmological force in the world. It’s a collection of leylines; a special place on earth that allows the supernatural to feel… natural. It’s a place in the world that allows the paranormal to simply be normal.

Of course, this means that the islands are a melting pot of different ambitions; of lives just trying to get away from the other parts of the world; of people who are simply trying to be. New Ilium has become a battleground between different interests, different groups, all vying to take control of its interesting power. Witches who simply wish to maintain the equilibrium of the world; hunters who wish to eradicate all supernatural threat; vampires and wolves who are just seeking to exist in a way that they never could beyond the borders of these sacred isles.

But you know what they say… we always destroy the things we love.

Platform: Jcink Premium

Features: 18+ Application: Shipper Difficulty: All Levels Format: Free Form LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: None

Genre: Cryptids Island Magic Paranormal Supernatural Urban Vampires Werewolves