Based around the CW’s show; Riverdale.

The once quiet, small town, Riverdale has revealed its dark side. The recent death of Jason Blossom, killed by his own father and the events that followed have ensured the picture perfect facade has been tainted forever. Lies, betrayal, old rivalries and family secrets have been discovered and have left more questions than answers’. Will the community continue down the dark path of crime and violence its currently on or can it return to its roots as the town with pep? With Fred Andrews having been shot for unknown reasons, it seems things in Riverdale have taken a turn for the worst.

The plot is set one week after the end of Riverdale season 1. Information may be added/adjusted as season 2 progresses

Platform: Jcink

Features: Application: Profile Application: Short Canon: Canon Character Driven Chat Difficulty: All Levels LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Word Count: None

Genre: Riverdale