“The content of our RPG can best be described as...”

Post an RPG Rating so visitors know at-a-glance what kind of content they can expect.

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Who rates my site?

You do!

Who enforces the rating?

No one. Just use your best judgement. It’s in rpg admins’ best interest to use an RPG Rating that best describes the content on their site, and then supplement with a clear code of conduct.

Who uses RPG Rating?

Online role-playing game administrators create a rating to describe the whole site. Individual writers also use an RPG Rating for individual threads, or to show their personal preference in a profile. There are a few rpg directories that include an RPG Rating as part of each rpg submitted to the directory.

However you choose to use it, RPG Rating will always be free, and licensed for non-commercial use.

Do I have to post your button?

Nope! Anyone is free to use RPG Rating without linking back. You can even use your own rating images if you like.

Why not just use the MPAA, ESRB, etc?

Rating systems like MPAA (for movies) or ESRB (for games) evaluate specific content for age-appropriateness, primarily to help parents decide what media to allow their children to experience. In some cases, these other rating systems are not transparent as to what constitutes a certain rating. RPG Rating can be a better option for online rpgs because it doesn’t make a judgement about content, but rather how much of a certain type of content can be expected, and in what intensity.

What is the maximum rating allowed by Proboards, Jcink, etc??

We can’t guarantee that a specific RPG Rating will comply with your forum host’s terms of service. Be sure to always read your forum host’s TOS carefully and submit any content questions directly to them.